Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Foolery

April 1, 1992.  Vail, Colorado.
My brother, sister and I were stuck in ski-school for the day with an instructor who was a total dope.  He had no interest in teaching us anything and instead, brought his girlfriend along on the lesson so she could cut to the front of the lift lines with the class.  Even worse, his girlfriend was one of those snow-bunnies who had no clue how to ski so our class had to wait at the lift while our skiing Casanova helped her up when she fell and guided her to the bottom of the run.

At lunch, we lost our patience.  Even though the snow bunny had decided to call it a day and go home, we were still frustrated at having lost a whole morning of good skiing.  So we decided to pull a prank.  While our love-lorn Romeo went into the lodge to get a table, we grabbed his skis and poles and buried them in a snow bank.  When he came out after lunch he went ballistic.

His precious skis!  How could someone steal his amazing-top-of-the-line-super-expensive skis?  He was even on the brink of calling the police to report them stolen.  Worse yet, since the lodge where we had lunch was at the top of the mountain, how was he going to get back down?  And his boss was seriously going to kill him for not finishing our lesson either.

In the end, we caved and gave him back his skis.  We may have lost another half hour on the slopes while he threw the hissy-fit over his skis, but it was so totally worth it.  At the very least, I don't think he ever brought his snow-bunny girlfriend on a lesson again.

In honor of April Fools, I'd like to know... what's the funniest/silliest/SO-most-worth-it prank you've ever pulled?

And in honor of it being the first day of the month: Rabbit rabbit!

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