Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blog Reboot

My Dear Readers,

I have decided to reboot "Swim Against the Grain."  New location, new name, new look.   In other words, it's a new-and-improved version of this blog, only now I'll have my trusty sidekick iggi. Or am I iggi's sidekick...?  No one will ever know.

As graduation from my MFA program creeps closer to the present, I have come to realize that this blog needs more structure, more focus, more direction.  The new blog will feature regular weekly columns including book reviews, tips and news, a weekly writing challenge and more.

Thank you to all my readers for following my adventures and misadventures thus far.  "Swim Against the Grain" will continue to exist on the web, but starting today I will be posting exclusively at the new location.  Please join me at the new site: iggi & gabi.


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