Monday, October 12, 2009

Greetings from the Planet Zorg

Dodging meteors in the Zebadu Galaxy, the intrepid Galactic Gabi must face her newest set of challenges.
  1. Sacrifice a short story recently completed to ten servants of the god Bogwan, hoping to appease the volcanic monster.
  2. Combine 5,000 words in such a way to break the unspeakable code and free work-in-progress No. 2 from captivity in Bogwan's evil dungeon.
  3. Remove draft 2 of work-in-progress No. 1 from inter-galactic quarantine.
  4. Resuscitate work-in-progress No. 1 by installing two and a half bionic organs.
  5. Circulate the pedestrian ring of terror for five galactic neplons.
That's all, kids! Don't forget to brush your teeth! Ka-pwing!

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