Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Submission Frustrations

Back in February, I had set a goal for myself that I would submit one story per month, or send out a previously-submitted story to a slew of new magazines. This is all well and good. Except. In my search for magazines that might give my stories a good home, I discovered that there are very few magazines out there that cater to teens, and almost none of them literary.

The few magazines that exist are for young writers so you have to be under 18 or under 25 to submit. But what about all those great over-25 authors out there who write fantastic books for teens? If one of them wanted to submit a short story somewhere, they would have a hard time finding such a magazine.

This got me thinking... the world needs a literary magazine that caters only to teen literature. The short story form for teen readers is almost non-existent. The universe needs some venue to champion the work of short story writers who happen to write primarily for teens.

Something must be done.


  1. I hear ya. It seems like most short stories written for teens by adults are in short story anthologies, but usually those anthologies only contain well-known authors, so it isn't helpful for newbies like us!

    I submitted two short stories in my New School application and now they're just sitting on my computer with nowhere to go. Maybe you should go start your own teen literary magazine for all of us out there :o)

  2. REALLY?! Wow, you guys have so much stuff up your sleeves...

  3. You guys are all too amazing! I feel like in the future someones going to look back and be shocked at the talent and energy in one place. Like when people talk about how Al Gore and Robin Williams were roommates...