Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Ah, first day of spring, and what a beauty of a day it has been. You know that giddy feeling that you get on the first warm, sunny day and it feels like you could do anything if you just set your mind to it? Well, I feel like that today.

Problem is, my springiness isn't channeled in the direction that I want, namely into my writing. Instead, it feels like the visual-spatial side of my brain is on overdrive, while the verbal and logical parts of my brain are still hibernating.

I have this design in my head for a really nifty beach bag, crocheted in cotton yarn. It has a handle that doubles as a drawstring and a false bottom so that it can fold in on itself for easy storage. Since I can't translate 3D shapes into flat drawings, the only way for me to record said design before I forget it is to make the darn thing. So that's my new spring project: to make this bag before the design evaporates from my brain.

That's the thing with spring. It gives me the itch to start new projects but not necessarily the motivation to see them through the end. So I've devised a rule: no new stuff until the old stuff is finished. No writing new short stories until I've finished a draft of the current one. No starting new knitting or crochet projects until I've finished at least one that's still pending. (I have to cut myself a little slack with that part of the rule because if I wait until all pending projects are done, I won't get to start something new for the next three years. Maybe longer.)

My hope is that this rule will force me to clean out the clutter of old projects and make room for the new. We shall see.

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