Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pen and Notebook Twin

The other day, I discovered that I have a pen-and-notebook twin. I was out to brunch with my sister and her best friend from elementary school and we were talking about books and literature. At one point, I suggested a book to my sis' friend so she dug through her purse and pulled out a notebook and pen. But it wasn't just any notebook and pen; it was a moleskine unlined notebook (the hardcover kind, size=medium) and a blue Pilot varsity fountain pen.


I nearly fainted. I mean, I've known this girl since she was six and I was ten and never did I realize we were pen-and-notebook twins! This was unbelievably exciting!

Instantly, we bonded over our twin-ness. Never before had I met someone who understood the intricacies of my notebook and pen situation. Like how you can't take fountain pens on an airplane because they explode, so you always have that dilemma: do you not write for a whole plan ride or do you take a ballpoint pen and have it not match the rest of the writing in your notebook? Or how when moleskine came out with their soft-cover blank books, I almost had a panic attack because I thought they might discontinue the hardcover kind, so I raced to the bookstore and stocked up... just in case. If I admitted any of this to most people, they would think I was crazy, but now I have a pen-and-notebook twin who understands! Woot!

Which brings me to my question of the day: what's your writing medium of choice and why?

Mine is a moleskine unlined notebook (hardcover, medium) and a blue Pilot varsity fountain pen (duh). Because when that fountain pen squishes across those creamy notebook pages, it makes me feel so 19th century.


  1. What a fun post! Made me smile throughout!
    I'm not a notebook and pen kind of gal. I have a spiral notebook and pen for emergencies but have never enjoyed writing that way. My hand cramps after five minutes and then I just get frustrated and put the whole thing down. I'm definitely a laptop girl.

  2. Oh, I so completely relate! I'm not so particular about my pen, but I love the way writing looks across the page, and cannot stand switching colors or types of pens on the same page. I currently use a reporter's notebook (with a spiral wire on the top). I'm not entirely happy with it because I can never figure out which page comes next (bottom? top? flip the notebook around?) but I do like being able to lay it flat and to not have a wire rubbing against my wrist while I'm writing.
    A pen and notebook twin. I can totally picture the joy! =)

  3. It's all about the unlined pages. You never know which way inspiration will strike!

  4. I use moleskin as well, but I use the lined, medium, black. I also have some of the cool colored thin ones a project-specific. And I don't have a particular pen, but it has it has to be black, ballpoint. I won't write with anything else.